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Our company was founded solely on the bases of providing reliable cleaning services to retail properties. This gives us a cutting edge over other cleaning companys. Our longevity and experience in the retail industry means our customers can have total confidence in our expertise in the services we provide.


Our staff is professionally trained and wear a uniform for easy identification. We also use a telephone timekeeping system, which tracks their work time and alerts us of any no-shows so that we could send our on-call specialists and not have you miss a day of cleaning service. This helps us monitor your account closely so you don't have to.  Your time is valuable to us and we treat it as such.


For quality control, our supervisors perform regular inspections and review those inspections with employees who work in the building. This in turn ensures you are receiving constant quality cleaning service.


JBM Janitorial offers janitorial cleaning services based on the needs of each client.


General Cleaning Services Include:
Emptying trash bins
Restroom sanitation
Cleaning entryways, stairwells, elevators

*Other tasks per client specifications*


Frequency of service depends on the type of business and the amount of traffic in the building. We may recommend frequency of once a week, twice a week, five times a week or 7 times a week.


Check out the other cleaning services we offer. We can be your one stop shop for all your commercial cleaning needs. No need to hire multiple vendors. From pressure washing, carpet cleaning, floor strip and waxing to window cleaning. We can do it all for you at a discounted price if you've already contracted our cleaning services.

Wireless Computer Accessories

Contact us to arrange a free no-obligation meeting

Call us to discuss your specific requirements and your goals. We'll provide advice on how to proceed, and how we can help.

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