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The 3-IN-1 JBM Disinfection Method
Three Methods, One Service, One Company

Many customers are asking us daily if we provide the fogging disinfectant method, or the electrostatic disinfecting method, or even just the good old deep cleaning and disinfecting method? And if we do provide all three, which is best?


All three methods are good, however, some customers and even governments, still prefer one over the other.
JBM is happy to announce that our seasoned team of experts decided to expand our services and put a procedure in place where we can provide all three methods into one service for all of our customers!

With our
3-in-1 JBM Disinfection Method, we leave no stone unturned! No place for viruses, bacteria, fungi, germs to hide. Our method is a three-step process that covers it all!


The 3-IN-1 JBM Disinfection Method

Step 1 - Deep Cleaning & Disinfection
A little elbow grease is always a great first step in disinfecting, but it is virtually impossible to disinfect every square inch of a building. Not only is it prohibitively expensive in terms of labor, but it is also unrealistic in terms of available time.
In reality, viruses, germs, and bacteria usually spread into hard-to-reach surface areas we cannot access with regular cleaning methods or equipment. Not to mention, in the process, they spread faster than we can clean them. Imagine trying to apply a disinfecting solution by hand to all the nooks and crannies that exist in a building! To add to that, there are so many hard-to-reach areas that are potentially covered in pathogenic bacteria as
well. This is where Step 2 comes in.

Step 2 - Electrostatic Disinfection
This step involves quickly and evenly coating surfaces with a disinfecting solution. This is done by using an electrostatic applicator that gives a negative charge to the disinfecting solution as it exits the nozzle. The charged molecules will repel each other, meaning they will be an even distance from each other, but will be attracted to the surface they are applied to. The charged particles have a charge strength greater than gravity allowing them to directionally target a selected surface very quickly providing near-immediate room reentry is while providing 360-degree coverage to the targeted areas.


Therefore, when you spray furniture, for example, you do not need to spray it all around because the chemical itself will travel all around it and attract itself like a magnet.
What about all of the open areas, ceilings, walls, etc.? This is where Step 3 in our process comes in and is performed with the same electrostatic unit.

Electrostatic Disinfection Cleaners JBM.

Step 3 -  Electrostatic Commercial Bazooka Sprayers

Electrostatic Commercial Bazooka Sprayer is the first of its kind for commercial businesses. These are not your little handheld Victory Sprayer Guns that take 4 times as long to spray an entire building, which in turn is less cost-effective for customers.

Many companies also use pump style sprayers or these Victory brand handheld sprayer guns instead of commercial bazooka style sprayers. We have found that our bazooka sprayers easily outperform pump sprayers and handhelds while covering all vast open areas, hallways, ceilings, etc. with ease and less waste of time and product.


Many companies also use pump style sprayers or these Victory brand handheld sprayer guns instead of commercial bazooka style sprayers. We have found that our bazooka sprayers easily outperform pump sprayers and handhelds while covering all vast open areas, hallways, ceilings, etc. Not mention, the job is performed with ease in less time, and less chemical waste.

JBM's President says, “Using a simple pump sprayer or an electrostatic sprayer, for large open area jobs, is akin to fighting house fires with a garden hose!” Our units not only produce the electrostatic in the solution as it exists but they are also foggers that thoroughly saturate all of the areas in your building (that need to be targeted) with millions of tiny droplets of mist. This is done by our bazooka commercial electrostatic fogger sprayer system; where the liquid is turned into small particles by the high-speed vibration of the sprayer itself, and then they are evenly and widely sprayed after atomization!

The coverage area and effectiveness of a good electrostatic fogger bazooka sprayer is much more reliable and cover they more area than any pump sprayer or even your small electrostatic sprayer guns like the Victory Sprayer Guns. This feature is key when fighting to exterminate harmful viruses such as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and other bacteria and fungi in large buildings. Our bazooka sprayers are most effective when attempting to fog an entire room's surface without missing any potential hiding spots.

The Competition's Sprayers

Sprayer Competition Uses.jpg

Our Sprayers

Our Bazooka Sprayers.jpg

EPA-Registered Disinfectants

Our 3-in-1 JBM Disinfection Method also adds the use of safe, high-grade EPA-registered disinfectants that are highly effective against many communicable diseases, including the coronaviruses.

Safety First

Our techs are trained to suit up in the warm zone areas before entering the hot zone, where decontamination occurs. After the job is done, one person who did not enter the building helps the others take off their suits, back in the warm zone before they can enter the cold zone, or clean area. The protective gear is then put into plastic bags and taken away. The respirators or face masks are rinsed with bleach, soap, and water before they’re used again.
These foggers have been used by the government to fight anthrax and now, coronavirus.

Business Owners (Our Customers) Concerns
JBM’s customers, as well as their employees, are afraid about what they’re touching and what they can possibly get from touching different surfaces, but they are also concerned with the costs involved to properly remedy said situation. 


JBM’s goal is to help our customers and have their employees come back to work feeling safe and happy. As an added bonus, our method saves customers time from having to close their building for extended periods of time to properly disinfect it. As you know, downtime can be very costly to any business. A faster turnaround means our customers save money in the process. With this in mind, JBM saves you money in hours, labor, pay, and chemical waste.

To clarify the aforementioned, ponder on the following. If your establishment would require a four-person tech crew to provide the old school, deep cleaning, and disinfecting by hand method, it would take the crew two to three days, working eight hours per day to get the job done. This all adds up to approximately 96 man-hours of labor. Not to mention, this method makes it impossible to reach all possible areas.


Now, if you hire someone that uses a small and common electrostatic sprayer to do the same job it would involve a four-person tech crew. This would take the crew one day, with each person working a total of eight hours. This all adds up to approximately 32 man-hours of labor. 

However, with the 3-in-1 JBM Disinfection Method, JBM can do this same job with just a two-person tech crew, and complete the job in approximately four hours. This adds up to just eight man-hours of labor! Not only does our method save our customers money on labor and chemical waste, but their business will be up and running in no time! Making our 3-in-1 JBM Disinfection Method not only cost-effective, but also more affordable, and less time-consuming!

Also please note, the 3-in-1 JBM Disinfection Method is not just for coronavirus, but also for any and all virus or bacteria outbreaks. It is effective against the common cold virus to the fast-spreading stomach bug, like norovirus. Research has found that businesses' productivity losses are linked to absenteeism due to illness, costing businesses an average of $225.8 billion per year!

This fact is confirmed when you consider that illness-causing viruses and bacterias can survive on surfaces for months. However, if you make sure to maintain proper cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces year-round with a maintenance program, you'll help remedy cross-contamination in your work environment. This is an important and essential first line of defense, for all of our clients and their businesses, to keep in mind.

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