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JBM Janitorial has thorough experience cleaning health facilities and it’s this comprehensive experience that we bring to the table that will keep your facility clean, sanitized and safe for present patients, future patients, visitors and staff.


JBM Janitorial has trained their team of employees to clean according to Spaulding's Classification guidelines. You can rest assured that your medical facility is in the best hands. We don't clean a medical facility as we would an office. We understand the importance of proper disinfection, sanitation and appearance of all areas from the waiting area to the surgical room.  Your facility will always be up to par with OSHA and HIPAA Standards.


JBM Janitorial Fundamentals for Medical Facilities:

·         Understanding blood borne pathogens and infection control.

·         Use of MEDICAL CLASS disinfectant cleaners: Virucidal, Fungicidal & Germicidal

·         Follow HIPAA & OSHA Standards 

·         Bio-hazard waste not to be handled by cleaning staff

·         We are Insured & Bonded



JBM Janitorial Standard Practices & Precautions in Medical Facilities:

Our cleaning  team takes special preventive measures to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses by changing gloves after cleaning restrooms, patient rooms, handling garbage, coming in contact with another person or self, handling food, leaving an area they just cleaned, mixing chemicals, touching blood borne pathogens, etc. 


JBM Janitorial tailors its janitorial cleaning services based on the needs of each client.


Check out the other services we offer. We can be your one stop shop for all your commercial cleaning needs. No need to hire multiple vendors. From power washing, carpet cleaning, strip and waxing to windows. We can do it all for you at a discounted price if you've already contracted our cleaning services.


Read our informative article below to give you insight on JBM's extensive Medical Cleaning Program!

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