Our company is comprised of people that owned businesses themselves and felt there was a lack of care in the cleaning services they were contracting. As a result, they took it upon themselves to develop their own cleaning division to address the issues within the industry...and this is how JBM Janitorial was born.


Our team members have a thorough understanding of the cleaning industry and the problems associated with it. This knowledge combined with unmatched technical support savvy, plus decades of experience, offers real solutions to your current concerns. 

JBM Janitorial is very aware that if our clients don't succeed, we won't succeed. The same applies to our employees. Most have been with us for 20+ years. Our longevity with our employees and our clients is also one of the many secrets to our success. We take care of our employees as if they were our family, making sure they are paid well and treated well. This contributes to our employee turnover being less than 4% in the last 5 years.


We welcome you to set up an appointment and speak with one of our team members for a no-obligation quote.  

If you decide to hire our services you will discover why many of our customers have been with us for over 20+ years. 

What sets JBM Janitorial apart from the rest?

We are not a franchise, therefore there are no franchise fees to pay which saves our customers money. Also, because we are not a franchise you can rest assured that the quality of cleaning services you receive from us will always be top-notch. We train all individuals with the same training team that has been with us since JBM Janitorial was born. We are very consistent in the level of quality of cleaning services we give our long-term customers and our new customers.
Another thing that sets us apart is that we don't subcontract. You will never have to worry about getting a mom/pop janitorial company with employees that have a lack of experience or just don’t care about their cleaning performance. All our employees are in-house and many have been with us for over a decade and they know that their performance is their livelihood, as much as ours.
JBM Janitorial is a Chicago family owned and operated business, which gives us a vested interest in ensuring our customers' satisfaction, but we are still large enough to take on any size job, even in multiple states.