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Benefits of School Cleaning Services During Summer

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

A study that was conducted by the Center for Facilities Research found that around 88% of students reported that they became distracted during class as a result of clutter and mess. Given the fact that this has such a profound effect on students and their ability to learn, school cleaning services are critically important.

It is no secret that educational buildings see a lot of foot traffic between the months of August and June. Once summer comes, the buildings are nearly unoccupied most of the time. This provides facility owners and managers with the perfect opportunity to have a professional cleaner come in to catch up on routine cleaning and perform maintenance tasks that may be impossible to take care of when students are in classes. There are an array of benefits that come with hiring a team for school cleaning services during the summer months.

School Cleaning Services Can Be Performed in an Empty Facility

To ensure students have a nice clean environment, a deep cleaning is necessary. Unfortunately, performing cleaning services with a class full of children can be incredibly difficult. Waiting until the children go home for summer break gives cleaning professionals the ability to clean a building that is entirely empty.

Crews Have the Ability to Clean and Refresh Flooring Surfaces

Hundreds of students walking on the flooring every single day in the school facilities can cause quite a bit of unintentional damage. It can result in scuff marks, dirt, and even debris. Performing school cleaning services during the summer months provides cleaning professionals with the ability to remove all of the scuffs and markings on the floor surface.

They even have the ability to apply a wax finish and make the floors look clean and new. Taking the initiative to perform school cleaning services during the summer months can help to ensure that the floors last longer and continue to look great.

Cleaning Fingerprints From the Windows and Doors

With so many people touching all of the doors throughout the day during school, it can be incredibly hard to keep the surfaces clean. It is undeniable that the school doors are frequently touched by countless people every single day. They become a breeding ground for all types of germs and bacteria. Windows in classrooms and throughout the facilities are often neglected and even overlooked. Teachers and other faculty members performing cleaning tasks from day to day tend to overlook these areas.

Seeking school cleaning services during the summer months provides cleaning crews with the ability to focus on areas that are otherwise neglected. They are able to remove all of the fingerprints from the windows and doors in the classrooms and hallways. Making sure that these services are clean and sanitized through regular upkeep can make a significant difference.

Deep Cleaning of Restrooms Facilities

Every day, students throughout the facilities utilize locker rooms and restrooms frequently. It can be quite challenging to keep up with regular cleaning of these locations. Trying to clean the sinks, toilets, and even floors in an effective manner while they are being used by students all day long seems nearly impossible.

During summer break, cleaning professionals have the ability to provide school cleaning services to ensure these areas are completely cleaned and disinfected. They are able to perform deep cleaning and get inside every nook and cranny in the rooms in order to eliminate germs and make sure that the areas are clean and safe for upcoming use. In addition, this provides facility managers with the ability to make any necessary repairs to these locations in order to make sure they are safe once schools come back into session.

Deep Cleaning of Kitchen and Dining Area

Even though these locations are frequently cleaned by school staff members, cleaning during the summer months can be critical when it comes to ensuring the locations are safe for those eating in the facilities during the school year.

School cleaning services during the summer ensure that every crumb, spilled beverage, and other mess is completely cleaned away. The entire dining and kitchen area can be thoroughly sanitized so that students do not have to worry about any problems caused by lingering bacteria or germs during the upcoming school year.

Sanitizing Frequently Touched Location

Thorough school cleaning services during the summer months help to ensure that touch points are clean and sanitized. Touch points are generally those locations throughout the school buildings that are frequently touched every day by multiple students. These locations can include stair railings, water fountains, door handles, and even pencil sharpeners.

Performing school cleaning services during the summer ensures that every frequently touched surface has been properly sanitized and is completely clean and sparkling once the new year begins.

Dusting and Removing Other Allergens

Unfortunately, many students suffer from allergies. The impact of allergies can range from a student having itchy eyes to even a full-blown asthma attack as a result of being exposed to allergens. For this reason, it is important to remove all of the dust and allergens from the school facilities before students return.

School cleaning services during the summer allow cleaning professionals to remove all of the dust and allergens from surfaces throughout the facility. Without having students in the facility while cleaning is performed, professional cleaners have the ability to access areas that are otherwise unreachable. This ensures that dust and allergens are removed from hard-to-reach locations.

Outdoor Surfaces Can Be Power Washed

It is no secret that playground equipment and outdoor sports areas are exposed to the elements all year long. During the school year, many facility operators tend to focus on cleaning services inside the facilities. As a result, the exterior areas, including the playground, tend to be neglected.

Summer vacation provides cleaning professionals with the ability to perform school cleaning services on all of the outdoor equipment. They are able to come in and power wash the surfaces in order to remove any stuck-on dirt, grime, and debris.

Make Any Needed Repair

Finally, an empty building provides cleaning crews with the ability to make any necessary repairs to the building that need to be performed. It can be difficult to make major repairs on the interior of a building, especially when it is fully occupied. Without the students in the facility, there is much more freedom to perform the necessary repairs.

School Cleaning Services by JBM Janitorial

If you are interested in seeing how our cleaning professionals can help clean your school buildings this summer in preparation for the upcoming school year, please feel free to reach out to JBM Janitorial at your earliest convenience for a free quote.

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