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Keeping Your Space Clean With Janitorial Services Chicago

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

It's never too late to get started on spring cleaning. Usually, spring cleaning takes place in March or April, but if you missed cleaning in those months, there's no rule you can't get started in May or June. Janitorial Services Chicago can be many things, such as cleaning, repairing, or maintenance. Janitorial companies, such as JBM Janitorial, can provide specialized services or scheduled cleanings. Keep reading to learn more about Janitorial Services Chicago and if you're in need of keeping your business or property clean of dirt, dust, and debris.

Benefits of Janitorial Services Chicago

There are many benefits to Janitorial Services Chicago. From improved indoor air quality to increased employee productivity, we'll discuss all the benefits of having Janitorial Services Chicago.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Poor air quality can cause a number of health issues. It can cause eye irritation, headaches, fatigue, dry throat, congestion, dizziness, and nausea. Poor air quality can be caused due to poorly maintained ventilation systems and more. Many people come and go in your place of business, and with it, they bring all kinds of dirt, dust, and debris from outside or even the bathroom. You don't want to breathe that in or have your employees breathe that in. By implementing Janitorial Services Chicago, you can fight any possible indoor air quality issues and take care of them before they cause any health issues.

Reduced Risk of Illness

Similarly to increasing air quality, Janitorial Services Chicago can also reduce the risk of illness among yourself and your employees. The particles that get kicked up while you move around or while clients and customers enter your business can become harmful if left in an unclean environment. Working with a professional janitorial service can improve your cleanliness. Janitorial Services Chicago have the skills, training, and tools to disinfect and sanitize your work areas to minimize the risk of pathogens entering your workspace and ultimately improve the health of everyone.

Increased Employee Productivity

Reducing the risk of illness in your employees will also increase the productivity of your employees. According to a study conducted by the University of Arizona, employees are 15% more productive if they work in a clean environment as opposed to a messy one. Also, by prioritizing cleanliness with Janitorial Services Chicago, employees are less likely to take sick days, meaning that everything will stay on track, and you can protect your bottom line.

Enhanced Professional Appearance

Having a clean work environment will not only improve your employee's productivity and their health, but it will also improve your first impression on prospective employees, clients, and customers. When someone walks into your office for the first time, you don't want them to think, "What's that smell?" or "Why does the floor feel like that?" or "I can't wait to get out of here." Janitorial Services Chicago will make your workspace smell clean. They're able to sanitize and deep clean the carpets and tile to make sure the floor never feels dirty or sticky. And lastly, a clean workplace makes clients and customers feel welcome. They won't feel rushed to leave, and they'll look forward to coming back.

Types of Janitorial Services Chicago

Once you decide you want professional Janitorial Services Chicago, the next step is to figure out how often you want your services and what kind of services your workplace needs. Below we'll go into what JBM Janitorial can offer you.

Regular (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

How often do you want your Janitorial Services Chicago to occur? Does your business require daily cleaning, weekly cleaning, or monthly cleaning? Every business and workplace requires different cleaning services. If you're unsure how often you want your Janitorial Services Chicago, we'd be happy to provide you with what similar business schedules look like. That way, you can make the best decision for your workplace.

Deep Cleaning

Maybe you don't need scheduled cleaning. Maybe you need a one-time deep cleaning. We can do that. It's recommended to deep clean carpets at least once a year. So if your carpet is looking rough and dirty, we can definitely schedule a cleaning for it.

Specialized Cleaning Services

Not every business needs the same Janitorial Services Chicago. We offer floor care such as carpets, wooden floors, stone, granite, vinyl, ceramic, concrete, and more. We can also pressure wash your parking garage, buildings such as restaurants, convenience stores, apartment buildings, condos, schools, malls, arenas and stadiums, and banks. If you don't see your business listed, make sure to contact us so we can service your building. If you don't need pressure washing or floor cleaning, we also provide window cleaning.

Cleaning windows can be a tedious task. It is often overlooked when it comes to keeping your building clean, but it's the first thing a potential client, employee, or customer will see. There's no excuse for leaving bird droppings, dead bugs, cobwebs, and spider webs on your windows and window sills. We have the correct equipment to get the job done efficiently. We'd be happy to help keep the outside of your building look shiny and clean.

We're also proud to clean up construction sites. If you're about to open up an apartment building, retail store, or other development, we can remove dirt, dust, and other debris. We can touch up the newly built building to make it move-in ready. And if you only need one home cleaned up after building, we can also do single final cleanings. JBM Janitorial has ten-plus years of experience cleaning up construction sites. We'd be happy to make your property spotless.

If you're in the market for Janitorial Services Chicago, make sure to contact JMB Janitorial. We can do many things to keep your property and workspaces clean. Contact us today to get more information about our services and pricing options. We look forward to helping you stay clean and healthy!

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